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      Doctor, Wife, Mother    Professional Wellness Speaker

Social challenges in today's world have had tremendous impacts in work performance and personal well-being. Are you looking for ways to help? How would you like to raise the energy of your team?


When you think of health, is health of the body really enough? No matter how healthy one may appear, pressures and challenges in life can erode physical health if mental and spiritual needs are not met as well. Health impacts every single person both personally and professionally. 

See how a physician can help lead your team to a brighter and more stress-free future.


Liz has given numerous talks to healthcare professionals on health and wellness. She helps employees become more efficient by focusing on the fundamental aspects of their body and mind, and delivers actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.  Her ability to engage and move an audience is unparalleled. She leaves audiences feeling empowered and ready to take action. 


Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and for the wellness presentation.  I enjoyed how you presented and included your life experiences to show the struggles “are real”, how they pertain to presentations in our job capacity, and how we can apply your strategies to better not only our techniques but our mindset outside of work.

-Heather T.

You are one amazing woman!  I really needed to hear it today!  Avoid comparing yourself to others!  That's my motto now.  I signed up to run my first marathon on April 17th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  And it's all because of you and your encouragement!  Thank you! 

-Yulia U.

I have always loved your presentations and wellness talks. But, OH MY GOODNESS…your presentation today was the best yet! I really honestly loved it. I was choked up almost the entire time listening to it and walked away feeling inspired and uplifted.  

-Katie P.