Meet Dr Aguirre

While seeing patients in the hospital one day, Liz had a startling realization of just how much suffering was caused by self-neglect.  This realization was even more alarming when she recognized she was following the same path as many of her patients.  In 2018, Dr. Aguirre made a commitment to self-wellness and now shares her life changing experiences to help others create the life they want to live.  Her ability to connect with others in a simple and straightforward manner makes the learning process relatable and achievable. 

Dr. Aguirre focuses on Person Centered Wellness because of her understanding that every single person has their own unique journey.  She understands that health is about all the individual things that make a person who they are. This includes environment, relationships, thoughts, beliefs and all the trials and tribulations that one has experienced in their lifetime. 

Oftentimes people know when they're not happy and when things are not working, but are not sure how to create a clear path to a brighter future. Are you ready for your team to regain their happiness and motivation at work?  

Decide what is most important to you and commit to making it a priority. 

Liz Aguirre



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