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Dr. Aguirre speaks for organizations who share her goal of increasing employee satisfaction. Through personal experience, she realized just how much her self-neglect was impacting her professional life and could no longer be ignored. 

After experiencing burnout for a third time she knew she had to change.

A renewed commitment to self care allowed her to see that she could be more energized, more productive and capable of greater success with better time management. 

Through her healing, she realized how many people were suffering as she once was. There began her journey teaching others the path to achieving happiness and eliminating overwhelm while also excelling professionally. 



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Dr. Weili Gray

"I highly recommend Dr. Liz Aguirre as a speaker. She is a wise soul and profound thinker, who also has the gift to engage the audience with her energy and passion. She's able to break down health and wellness topics into insights and stories we can all relate to. Everybody listening will be sitting up in their chairs, and will take home gems they can start applying in their lives."


Heather T.

“Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and for the wellness presentation.  I enjoyed how you presented and included your life experiences to show the struggles “are real”, how they pertain to presentations in our job capacity, and how we can apply your strategies to better not only our techniques but our mindset outside of work.”

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Yula Ushakova

"You are one amazing woman!  I really needed to hear it today!  Avoid comparing yourself to others!  That's my motto now. 


I signed up to run my first marathon on April 17th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


And it's all because of you and your encouragement! Thank you!"

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Sameera Vohra MD

"Dr. Aguirre's talks are very engaging and encouraging. She inspires her audience by sharing her own life experiences and tools that she has mastered to succeed in her personal & work-life.”

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Katie P.

I have always loved your presentations and wellness talks. But, OH MY GOODNESS…your presentation today was the best yet! I really honestly loved it. I was choked up almost the entire time listening to it and walked away feeling inspired and uplifted.

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Lydia Sutherlun MD

“Dr. Aguirre was an amazing speaker.  Not only did she present information that was relevant to me as a practitioner, but she was also highly engaging.  I look forward to hearing her next lecture.”

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