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Speaking Topics
Available in Keynote and Workshop Format


  • From Stress to Rest: Managing Life on Your Terms

    • ​Takeaways:​​

      • Identify Main Sources of Stress​

      • Determine Necessary Actions to Break The Stress Cycle

      • Figure Out a Plan to Change Your Reality

  • Breaking The Cycle of Negative Self Talk

    • Takeaways:​

      • Recognize When Your Inner Bully is in Control​

      • Learn How to Respond to The Negative Self Talk

      • Identify Your Strengths to Quiet Your Inner Bully

  • Overcoming The Work-Life Balance Struggle

    • Takeaways:​

      • Identify Your Goals and Priorities​

      • Learn How to Shift Your Focus to The Things That Really Matter

      • Implementing The Right Actions


Dr. Aguirre's goal is to help your team discover the winning mindset that will help them evolve, grow, and find happiness in both their personal and professional lives. 

If you are looking for an energetic and engaging speaker for your event then look no further.  Your team will learn the actionable steps necessary to create drastic, life-altering change, and they will leave feeling empowered to take action.

Dr. Aguirre helps her audiences learn how a healthy body & mind can impact every aspect of their lives.

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